Maintenance / Customization

Are you facing complexity in HMS and need maintenance and support?

Software Maintenance and Support

We proactively handle the maintenance of software to ensure that your software is bug-free at deployment. We follow the best application software maintenance practices to make your software robust and secure. Our software support services include –

Customization Maintenance

Ongoing Supports

Bug Fixing, Problems, Analysis & Resolution, and On-Call Support

Adaptive Enhancements

Modifications To Support Changes in Business or Technical Requirements

Perfective Upgrades

Adding New Functionality or Features

Technical Improvements

Optimization Restructuring or Rewriting

Real-time Support

Support in constant analysis and problem solving, bug fixing and correcting technical snags.

Help desk Assistance

Aid in upkeep and improvement of software and addition of new features and functionalities.

Maintenance and Support Services

  • Adaptive Maintenance and Support
  • Corrective Maintenance and Support
  • Perfective Maintenance and Support
  • Preventive Maintenance and Support

The experts for EZIHM will look into your existing software and carry out any necessary modifications required in the operating functions of the software.

Our adaptive services include:

  • Alterations in the data format
  • Support utility modification
  • Re configuring hardware
  • Changes in localization
  • Regulations and integration of new and improved operating systems

Any software application is in constant need of rectifications. Our software maintenance team provides any and all corrective services to your software and fix the errors with little to no time lapse

  • Logical errors
  • Coding errors
  • Design errors

Our corrective services also include eradication of bugs and setting right any glitches with the core algorithm of the software.

A software application undergoes rigorous modifications before it is ready to be launched. We help you in refining the software you develop and bring it up to your client's expectation through detailed

  • Editing
  • Modifications
  • Insertions
  • Deletions
  • Changes
  • Software Enhancements

Our team is capable at effectively analyzing your software's future needs and problems based on,

  • Customers' Feedback
  • Past Occurrences

Our preventive software maintenance services aim at planning and incorporating solutions to meet future requirements and overcome problems that may ascend in the long-run.

Custom Product Workflow

1). Requirement Collection

We will acquire the documentation and processes followed by your developers. The details will help us determine maintenance objectives.

2).Program Analysis

We will rely on knowledge sharing on enterprise applications to decode the program objectives. This will help us interpret the complexity and self-descriptiveness

3). Maintenance Proposal

We will arrive at the best maintenance strategy and the maintenance proposal will be furnished for your approval

4). Evaluating Infrastructure Stability

We will analyze the extendibility and stability of the infrastructure to understand the potential for the ripple effect


The maintenance protocol, once implemented, will be vigorously tested for ruggedness and reliability. If necessary, ongoing preventive maintenance efforts will be provided

6). Release and Reporting

Once approved for release, we will compile our response and actions in a legible report for recordkeeping and future reference

Benefits offered by EZIHMS

  • Performance Improvement
  • Bug Fixing
  • Stay Updated with Current Trends
  • Cut Costs

Application software maintenance programs usually include upgrades and allow users to enjoy the upgrades for free for a whole year. Upgrades enhance the overall functionality and performance of the software and increase its lifecycle as well.

Application software maintenance packages help protect the software from software problems but are usually meant for a specific time period. After the expiry of the warranty period, you need to pay for the bug fixes yourself. A maintenance plan will, however, take care of that.

Technology and tech-dependent businesses go through tremendous change frequently. To stay abreast of trending technologies, it is critical that you update your software applications regularly. Application software maintenance services can help you keep pace with the current tech trends and ensure that your organization can leverage its benefits.

With the maintenance of software services, you can keep a tab on your software expenditure. Most programs cover users for a year's period, thereby reducing an organization's investment for IT greatly. When you use cloud-based apps, the monthly charges you pay for those services usually include the maintenance fees as well.

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